Marfield Company Inc. is an asbestos, lead, mold abatement and
demolition company providing professional service since 1980


For more than 20 years, Marfield Company Inc. employees have removed asbestos from every type and size boiler and associated piping. Once clean of asbestos, Marfield Company Inc. employees dismantle the boilers that are being replaced with new energy efficient boilers by others. Marfield Company Inc. employees have expertise with re-insulating boilers and piping with new non-asbestos insulation materials, giving a new energy efficient life and look to an older boiler systems.  
Marfield Company Inc. project that enclosed the area of an retired boiler which was approximately two stories above floor

Boiler two stories above floor is safely removed...

An outdoor boiler with deteriorated asbestos covering

Inside the Marfield Company Inc. made Negative Pressure Enclosure (NPE) showing the boiler stripped of asbestos and in bags ready for proper disposal

Marfield Company Inc. is commissioned to remove this boiler. Note this is inside our hand made enclosure.
Retired boiler that Marfield Company Inc. is commissioned to dismantle and removed from the site


and the area is now cleared.

deterioration of the asbestos material
on the entire body of the boiler

Outside view of our custom made 
 so fine and microscopic asbestos
fibers are captured for safe clean
removal of asbestos originally applied
on the  boiler


The consistent Marfield Company Inc. result is a clear and cleaned area.