Marfield Company Inc. is an asbestos, lead, mold abatement and
demolition company providing professional service since 1980


Marfield Company Inc. has extensive expertise and experience performing  demolition, asbestos, lead and mold abatement in  fully staffed and functioning hospitals.  Our knowlege of OSHPOD regulations including but not limited to Infection Control permits allows Marfild Company Inc. to stay ahead of the curve.  These concerns, even in high traffic areas,  is where Marfield Company Inc. employees are able to build Negative Pressure Enclosures (NPE) and safely remove all harmful material such as asbestos, lead and/or mold while  allowing hospital staff to work uninterrupted.
Negative Pressure Enclosures (NPE) utilize negative air ventilation machines equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that filter down to .3 microns.  These special machines draw the air from inside the potentially contaminated work area and exhaust that air filtered to 99.9% pure, to outside fresh air through a system of air ducts.  In this photo the duct can be seen above our enclosure near the ceiling.  Every NPE is specially designed and built for each individual project.

Plexiglas view ports are required and installed so regulatory agencies that may arrive on site can see the activities of the employees and insure that the work is being performed safely and in conjunction with the stringent regulatory requirements.